Recently we had a chance to catch an inspirational perspective on the forestry service sector from Bruce Vincent, a professional logger and speaker from Libby, Montana.  Bruce is well-known on the forestry conference speaker circuit and was the recent online guest of the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association and AgChoice Farm Credit.  It’s a terrific primer on remembering why foresters do what they do, and why and how they should promote the benefits of sound forest management to the public.

The PFPA and AgChoice have made a recording of this presentation available to anyone and we are providing the announcement from PFPA of this opportunity and the appropriate link for the presentation below.

Enjoy Bruce’s insight and humor!

Since 2010, PFPA and AgChoice Farm Credit have partnered to present the Forest Products Executive Development Workshop at PFPA’s Annual Member Meeting. When COVID restrictions forced the cancellation of the 2020 event, AgChoice decided to host a free webinar.

Over the years, many fine speakers were featured at the workshops. Attendees rated Bruce Vincent as the #1 speaker. In this presentation, he shares his message With Vision, There is Hope and his perspectives on how all of us can lead amidst the challenges facing today’s industry.

Permission to Reprint Granted to FORECON Inc

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