Appraisal Services for Large Tracts of Land to a Single Tree

FORECON provides a variety of appraisal and valuation services to meet your needs.

Whether you need a single shade tree evaluated for an insurance claim or you’re appraising of all the trees on your property, we can accommodate your needs.

We have the capability of completing each stage or phase of a timber, damage, shade tree or timberland appraisal in-house.  FORECON staff can design the specifications and layout of any necessary timber inventory to be done, at which point our staff of professional foresters and forest technicians can quickly and efficiently collect the necessary data required to meet appraisal standards.  Our staff of wildlife biologists and GIS professionals help navigate through some of the more unique aspects that may come along with any appraisal.  We have the proprietary use of a world-class timber database system (TIGER) that allows for data processing and high-quality, accurate growth and yield modeling of future forest conditions, providing harvest estimates that affect cash flow, as well as predicting future residual stand conditions for component valuation purposes.

We have certified general real estate appraisers on our staff who specialize in timberland and recreational land valuations and follow the highest appraisal standards as set forth by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).   We can meet with bankers, trust officers, attorneys, accountants, and boards of directors on your behalf to review the results of an appraisal, or to generally discuss financial strategies that might best suit your needs.

Whether for investment due diligence needs, collateral valuation requirements, estate settlement purposes, general planning and budgeting purposes, or estimating the market value of your property for prospective sale purposes, FORECON, Inc. can provide you with the professional appraisal services you need and expect.

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