Steady sales continue to be reported in general across the country, and concentration yards are clocking consistent demand from both export and domestic markets.  Existing home sales are reported as being steady, though they have slowed some over the last several months.  Flooring, molding and general millwork production is staying in step with home sales and remodeling activity.  Log supplies continued to be affected by wet weather conditions, reducing inventories and production in some mills, causing some “premium prices” to be paid.

The Appalachian region continues to be affected by the weather as well with some areas struggling with inventory, and other areas not affected as much.  Ash prices were steady in the 4/4 #1 common grade but increased a bit in the FAS/1F grades.  All grades of red one face cherry increased in price this week, again due to the combination of Chinese and domestic demand.  Hard maple and soft maple each had mixed reports; some grades up, some down, but mostly unchanged on average.  Red oak remains steady as well, with mixed reports in depending on the grade and the area reporting. (Weekly Hardwood Review)


General lumber market comments/trends in the Appalachian Hardwoods region:

Black cherry: + 15.6% (since Jan 6th 2017)

Hard (sugar) maple: 0.0% (since Jan 6th 2017)

Red oak; 0.0% (since Jan 6th 2017)

White ash; +11.3% (since Jan 6th 2017)

Soft maple; 0.0% (since Jan 6th 2017)


Perspective and % Changes are measured using data from January 6, 2017 to June 16, 2017


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