Prices for almost all species generally held their own this past week, and sellers remained optimistic “about the rest of the summer – and the year.”  Production was down a bit, as many mills have a short shut-down period in the hot summer months – usually in July.  Overall log supply was categorized as “decent,” and demand has continued to be strong, once again bolstered by the Chinese, who have taken a new liking for walnut.  Higher grade sugar maple improved for some, while higher-end red maple slowed a bit for some.  Sales of flooring material remained steady, “with good demand for rustic and plank flooring.”

Appalachian markets continue to be quite strong for ash; some mills reporting that both domestic and export demand for this species remains strong, though prices remained stable since last week.  China continues to take significant quantities of ash.  Cherry leveled off – the first week in awhile since its upward trend.  Flooring and cabinet manufacturers continue to show a steady demand for this species; moulding manufacturers have slowed a bit on cherry, and are increasing their supplies of poplar and sugar maple.  Sugar maple demand for cabinet manufacturing remains strong, and the species in general (most grades) is showing a steady demand.  Reports are that red maple sales are remaining somewhat steady, with some of the common grades beginning to decline slightly in price.  Red oak continues to be consistent – and China and Canada continue to be among the top consumers, especially the common grades.  (Weekly Hardwood Review) Contact a Forester Today

General lumber market comments/trends in the Appalachian Hardwoods region:

Black cherry: + 19.7% (since Jan 6th 2017)

Hard (sugar) maple: 4.4% (since Jan 6th 2017)

Red oak; -0.6% (since Jan 6th 2017)

White ash; +13.0% (since Jan 6th 2017)

Soft maple; 0.0% (since Jan 6th 2017)


Perspective and % Changes are measured using data from January 6, 2017 to July 21, 2017



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