Landowners who open their properties to hunting and recreational leases have added additional income opportunities to help maintain their ownership, and though sometimes the payments can be lucrative, the benefits of leasing your land go beyond the additional income:

  • Off set the expenses of owning and maintaining your land
  • Control wildlife populations (helping to promote forest regeneration)
  • Relax knowing who is hunting your property
  • Avoid complications between different hunting groups
  • Lessees provide excellent patrolling services (helping to alleviate trespass, timber theft, and wildlife poaching)
  • Strong, healthy relationships are often built between lessors and lessees.

The process of leasing your property begins with a site inspection.  Our leasing agents are heavily experienced in the fields of forestry, wildlife management and outdoor recreational sporting activities.  Consultation with one of our agents will help reveal your property’s recreational potential and leasing value. FORECON, Inc. handles each step in the leasing process:

  • Meeting with landowner to discuss goals, property potential & leasing value
  • Generate lease agreement – which will include maps of your property
  • Advertise your hunt lease nationwide via our hunt lease website
  • Handle phone calls & inquiries from potential lessee’s
  • Collecting lease dues
  • Administering contracts & contract renewals
  • Offer a yearly property inspection (for an additional fee) for landowners that do not live nearby

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