What is TIGER Growth and Yield database?

Constructed upon a solid foundation of U.S. Forest Service research, the TIGER Growth and Yield database system contains a true, stand-level, single tree growth model built to simulate future conditions in valuable hardwood timber stands.  Unlike other timber growth models that simply add a percentage to existing tree inventory volumes, the TIGER Growth and Yield process utilizes formulas that promote tree stem diameters and account for species mortality.

How can the TIGER Growth and Yield Database System increase my investment return?

By merging timber sales into your existing tree inventory data, the TIGER Growth and Yield model allows you to extend the usable life of an inventory and extract more value from your investment.

When integrated with forestry GIS data, TIGER acts as a turnkey, centralized repository for your valuable tree inventory data that can be used in decision support for land transactions, due diligence activities, timberland appraisals, forest certifications, visualizations and analytics, or day-to-day forest management activities.

Already have an accounting or GIS system that you are using?  Then allow us to customize TIGER outputs to seamlessly merge into your existing system.

Looking to purchase lands?  Model your purchase inventory before you bid.

Looking to sell lands? Package TIGER Growth and Yield data into your prospectus and increase interest in the bid.

Export TIGER Growth and Yield output for use in Highest and Best Use analysis, net present value calculations, or return on investment projections.

How do I enroll my forests into TIGER Growth and Yield?

TIGER Growth and Yield modeling can be run on stand-alone tree inventory data or can be tied to your existing GIS. Not sure if your inventory data fits the model? Don’t have a GIS database built yet? Let us guide you through the process.

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