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Timberland Investor Services

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Timberland Investor Services

As forestry consultants operating in northeast hardwoods since 1954, we have established ourselves as information leaders in the industry. Our knowledge of northern hardwood timber regions allows us to ease the investing process, providing a guiding light backed by data and expertise.

To investors we offer:

  • Due diligence services; beginning with a preliminary assessment of the potential forest investment opportunity.
  • Forestry mapping
  • Timber inventory services; gathering statistically sound tree data used in valuation and potential future forest management. Forest inventory solutions are custom designed to fit the uniqueness of each investment opportunity.
  • Timber valuation; analyzing forest data with relation to current and potential future market trends and forest market regions allows us to accurately put a value on the investment opportunity.
  • Timberland appraisal; completed by an in house general real estate appraiser who specializes in hardwood timber. An appraisal becomes the central piece in the decision making process.
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