Forest management services for municipalities brings technology and expertise to the municipal forest manager. Forestry is traditionally associated with the management of large tracts of timberland and smaller woodlots.  Often these forests are quite removed from the daily lives of most people, however, all of the trees within a village, town or city make up a community forest and can include street trees and shade trees in yards, parks, cemeteries, school grounds, and undeveloped green spaces.

Private and public organizations manage green-ways as part of their overall responsibilities. Increasingly, city maintaining trees is a best-practice management technique to control storm-water run-off and related damages. Urban heat can be dramatically mitigated by healthy tree populations, resulting in dramatically more comfortable open spaces. And trees help clean the air of many common urban emissions contributing to smog and air pollution.

FORECON’s team of trained forestry professionals plays an active role in helping public and private organizations better manage their green-ways. Managing community forests enhances more than just the aesthetics of a grounds, it is an investment with significant future benefits.

FORECON’s urban and community forestry is the art and science of managing community forests to establish and maintain healthy trees for air and water quality benefits, aesthetics, carbon sequestration, energy savings, environmental health, and the overall quality of life for urban and suburban residents.

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