FORECON foresters are trained to assess the value of the most common species of trees and plants. When storm damage or man-made catastrophes take their toll, you need a knowledgeable guide as familiar with the vegetation as the valuation process. Plant sizes, species, over-all condition, and location on a property all factor into an evaluation.

The best time to prepare for damage assessment, however, is before the damage occurs. FORECON can help you document your “investment” to provide a solid basis of value and worth.

Proactive Services:

  • Photo documentation of trees and plants while they are healthy
  • Species, size and health documentation for insurance and valuation surveys

Post Damage Services:

  • Damage assessment and financial loss appraisals
  • Repair, replacement or removal consulting
  • FORECON uses ISA standards to aid in claiming compensation for loss in value sustained by natural or man-made causes
  • Expert testimony
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