Forests and trees located near buildings or on publicly accessible lands offer many benefits, but also have inherent risks to both personal and public safety. Tree risk surveys allow property managers who are often responsible for damages caused by trees on their land due to storms or high winds to be proactive. Urban managers have a duty to care for their forests and trees. Many dangerous circumstances can be avoid with proper planning and care, preventing foreseeable damage property or harm occurring to people from any hazardous trees. Having and actively managed assessment plan with detailed species maps can go a long way toward mitigating or reducing these risks.

FORECON’s professional tree risk assessments enable managers to minimize the risk of damage or injury caused by trees on their properties or under their care. A tree risk survey is increasingly part of many urban greenway management plans.

FORECON’s experienced tree surveyors can map large tracts or small.

Our GIS database tools provide efficient and effective tree population management. We can efficiently survey trees, provide high quality reports, and provide management plans that meet budgetary needs.

Basic Tree Risk Surveys Include:

  • Site mapping with a guide as to risk management
  • Detailed tree inspections
  • Damage and decay assessment
  • Trees plotted onto GIS
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