Timber Prices Are Up!!!

Timber Prices Are Up!!!

Hardwood timber in our New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia operating areas has seen an overall resurgence in demand and value since its low ebb in early 2009.  The higher value species – hard maple, soft maple, white ash, red oak and white oak have realized significant price increases over the last 4 years, and particularly this year.  RISI, a prominent timber price reporting system, shows white ash trading at some of its highest levels ever, hard maple is solid and slightly increasing from pre-2009 levels, soft maple is significantly above pre-2009 levels, and both red and white oak prices are very strong and also continuing on an uptick.  Even black cherry, which has suffered the most from the economic downturn, is starting to show some signs of recovery with prices slowly creeping upwards across the region, especially over the last year.

People that have been holding off selling timber have reconsidered and have benefitted from a much improved market, especially throughout 2013.  Supply and demand are working again, as most of our competitively bid timber sales have more bidders participating now then have been over the last 4 to 5 years, and the high prices offered illustrate that demand is on the rise.

If you have been holding back selling your timber because you are waiting for prices to recover, well – you may want to reconsider because they have!


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