(Some of the best professional foresters (and hibachi cooks) going, enjoying some down time…)

“There is strength in numbers.”  That saying has been around for a long time.  With certain exceptions (and there certainly are exceptions), where an individual can only do so much, when working alongside others having a common goal, tremendous accomplishments can be realized.  This is certainly true in the forestry consulting field.

Oftentimes we are asked to collect massive amounts of field data by our great clients, and sometimes the only way to effectively and efficiently do that is by gathering large teams of our forestry staff across our offices to focus on a particular project.  We feel that is one of our biggest strengths, as providing our clients what they want and when they want it is of upmost importance to FORECON.

The picture above is from a recent project that we tackled by gathering many of our staff from across our offices and focusing on getting a very specific and very large inventory project accomplished.  These people are among some of the finest and most dedicated forestry professionals going, and we are very proud to have them onboard with FORECON!  And although it usually is very hard and taxing work, where they have a chance to relax after a long day and have some laughs, they do…….as can be seen above!

Regardless of project size, FORECON is dedicated to providing the work force necessary to meet our clients’ goals and deadlines.  And yes, where it is certainly true that there is strength in numbers, we also firmly believe what one of our great country’s Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, said – “it is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”


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