selling your own timber

FORECON, Inc. Ensures an Optimal Process

Selling your own timber from your property can be a lucrative endeavor. Harvesting timber also has the potential to improve the overall health of your woodlot. However, even though there may be clear benefits to harvesting your timber, there are aspects of the process that need special attention to ensure a successful outcome. These include, but are not limited to the assurance your property will be left in good condition and that you realize your stated goals.

When contemplating selling your trees consider talking with a forester to determine if your property can sustain a timber sale. A FORECON, Inc forester will work with you to ensure a successful process.

FORECON, Inc. facilitates the buying and selling of timber resources through our competitive timber bidding process. Through our exclusive bidding process buyers are provided with in-depth details such as terms of the sale, location with tract map, estimated volume and more.

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