Species Spotlight Series

Some of the world’s best quality hardwoods grow within our operating region.  Domestic as well as international demand for these beautiful and durable woods, used for everything from furniture to wood paneling to cabinets to flooring to moulding to musical instruments, has been in place for many decades, and we are currently seeing some of the hottest markets ever for many of these species.

We thought it would be interesting to provide very brief overviews of each of the most popular and sought-after species in our Appalachian region (in particular, primarily from the central New York area down through Pennsylvania and ending in southern West Virginia).  Our friends at The American Hardwood Information Center allowed us to share some of their information on the major hardwood species in our area, and if you would like additional information on the listed species, click on the link provided.

Strength and Mechanical Properties Chart

Permission to Reprint Granted to FORECON Inc. Thank you American Hardwood Information Center

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