On a 3×3 first-entry inventory on non-industrial private client property, we take the inventory point where it falls, even if it’s at the edge of this bog, and provided it’s safe to do so (as pictured here).

Our new teammate, Kyle Kontz trained on this property with one of our managers last week. Pictured here, Kyle helps start the next 10BAF inventory point. Kyle graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. He and his wife live in northcentral Pennsylvania. And he joined our Falconer, New York forestry team in early April, as a Forest Technician. Kyle is an Eagle Scout, and continues to graciously serve his local community leading Scouting and other volunteer work.

Please join us in welcoming Kyle to our team!  

Welcome Kyle!

Kyle Kontz helps start the next 10BAF inventory point

Spotlight on Kyle Kontz

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