Municipal forests are among a community’s most prized assets. Municipal Tree Management Services help increase property value and promote community pride. From carbon sequestration and broad ecological benefits, to beautification and aesthetic appeal, healthy urban forests offer tremendous community value.

Increasingly, communities are spending more on tree planting, tree maintenance, debris, and tree removal. Planning for these endeavors benefits from professional guidance. Species selection, pest management, storm damage mitigation are just some of the many factors a professional forestry consultant takes into account when evaluating an urban site. FORECON’s advance GIS mapping services help urban managers maintain clear data about an area’s trees with easy and certainty.

  • Urban tree planting programs
  • Tree and forest health
  • Understand tree life-cycles
  • Growth and planning
  • Map tree species
  • Manage pest invasions
  • Mapping and growth projections using GIS mapping techniques
  • Construction protection plans
  • Storm damage assessments and valuations

We offer affordable pest management service packages for controlling invasive species in your woodlot. Please contact us for a free property inspection and price quote for services.

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