“The American Forest Foundation (AFF) is excited to announce that Amazon has committed a $7.3 million investment to support the Family Forest Carbon Program, a program created in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the American Forest Foundation (AFF). Amazon’s donation will be used to support the launch of the program in Pennsylvania and expand the program in the Appalachians and other U.S. regions.

“This donation demonstrates the significant role family forests play as a climate mitigation solution. The Family Forest Carbon Program provides an avenue for family forest owners to generate income from their land and make tangible progress towards carbon sequestration.”

FORECON is delighted to announce that we have been selected by the Family Forest Impact Foundation, an affiliate of the American Forest Foundation, as the Pennsylvania’s “Northwest Area” Forestry Consultant designated to work with interested landowners.

If you should have an interest in this program, please visit the Family Forest Carbon Program website at https://www.familyforestcarbon.org/, where you can upload information into their “WoodsCamp” application to check your eligibility.

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