Congratulations to the Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee for winning the SFI Implementation Committee Achievement Award at the 2024 SFI Annual Conference!

What Are SFI Implementation Committees?

SFI Implementation Committees respond to local needs at state, provincial, and regional levels. They collaborate with local groups in forestry, conservation, education, and government to promote SFI standards. Their goal is to broaden the practice of responsible forestry and achieve on-the-ground progress.

What Are SFI Standards?

SFI standards are a trusted solution that supports the growing need for products from sustainably managed forests. Organizations certified to SFI standards:

  • Conserve wildlife and water
  • Practice climate-smart forestry
  • Support relationship-building with Indigenous Peoples

SIF standards are made up of 13 principles, 17 objectives, 41 performance measures and 141 indicators. To be certified, forest operations must undergo independent audits.

The Pennsylvania SIC’s Contributions

  • Leveraging technical knowledge and outreach platforms to promote sustainable forest management practices.
  • Providing high-quality assessment and training resources for:
    • Conserving Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value (FECVs)
    • Advancing water and soil conservation
    • Supporting climate-smart forestry practices
  • Offering critical on-the-ground support and serving as a model for knowledge sharing across the SFI network.
  • Collaborating with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to produce fact sheets on SFI standard requirements related to biodiversity and FECVs, which were highly praised by auditors.
  • Contributing to an updated “Best Management Practices for Timber Harvest Operations” booklet.
  • Supporting career pathways exploration by distributing the publication “Black Faces in Green Spaces: The Journeys of Black Professionals in Green Careers.”
  • Demonstrating leadership and collaboration in forest resource management.
  • Being recognized for strategic education efforts to help landowners and loggers implement sustainable forestry practices.

The Pennsylvania SIC has shown exceptional dedication and skill in advancing sustainable forestry practices, making a significant impact on the community and the environment.

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