FORECON is proud to share that we recently hired Elijah DePaulis as Forest Resource Supervisor in the company’s Titusville, Pennsylvania Office.  In this position, Eli will help coordinate the Titusville office land management and consulting operations, including client communication, and adds valuable capacity to our existing team’s growing work portfolio.

Eli hails from Clearfield County, PA and recently completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Ecosystem Management at Penn State. He previously earned his Associate’s degree in Wildlife Technology at Penn State Dubois, where he completed a special undergraduate research program project, and was awarded a research grant to investigate shrub honeysuckle’s effects on air and soil conditions in wetlands.  While a student at Penn State, Eli regularly sought summer and seasonal work in forestry, research, vegetation management and tutoring to build valuable leadership skill and experience.  His initiative and work ethic earned him several awards for leadership and academics, including the Appalachian Audubon Society Award for Outstanding Service to the Chapter, the Dr. John Roe Award for Student Sustainability Work, and multiple semesters on the Dean’s List.

Eli shared that one of his most valuable seasonal work experiences was his position at the Penn State Wildland Weed Management Unit where he performed invasive plant suppression, supervised non-certified individuals making pesticide applications, assisted in applicator-education, and managed pesticide application records. He arrives at FORECON having already obtained his Pennsylvania Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator credentials and completed the S-130 and S-190 national wildfire trainings.

We’re delighted that Eli chose to join us and help serve our top-notch clients. He’s a great addition to our team.  Please join us in welcoming Eli to the FORECON family!

Joining the FORECON Team

Eli DePaulis

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