Travis Cunningham is one of FORECON’s Staff Foresters and is based out of the Titusville, Pennsylvania office. His primary management responsibilities involve servicing some of our institutional forestland investor client accounts, including ensuring their compliance with various wood certification programs such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative).  He also contributes invaluable assistance to many other projects for both private and governmental clients as well.

Before coming to FORECON, Travis graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in Forest Science/Forest Biology.  He has been with us since 2015 and quickly moved from his role as a forest technician to the position of staff forester.

More specifically, Travis is responsible for the management of and planning for 15,000+ acres of TIMO lands.  This includes writing (and implementing) silvicultural prescriptions, ensuring BMPs (Best Management Practices) are being followed, overseeing truck road layout and construction, as well as inspecting active logging operations to ensure forest stands and access are protected.

When Travis isn’t working on the Allegheny Plateau you can find him climbing various rock formations throughout northwest Pennsylvania, chasing pheasants with his Brittany Spaniel “Jack,” and partaking in brewing some of the finest homebrew beer around.  Travis also helps out on his family Christmas tree farm in Pittsfield, PA.  He also is an Eagle Scout and Scout leader, selflessly organizing many scouting functions throughout PA, the northeast, and nationally.

We truly appreciate the positive attitude, passion for forestry, and conscientious “get it done” mentality that Travis brings to work every day here at FORECON.  We are very fortunate to have Travis on our staff, helping to promote sustainable forestry practices and meeting client needs.  Please reach out to Travis or anyone else at our Titusville, PA office if you have any questions about timber, forest management or timber valuations at (814) 827-4254.

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Travis Cunningham

Spotlight on Travis Cunningham

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