FORECON, Inc’s Exclusive Bidding Process

FORECON, Inc. facilitates the buying and selling of timber resources through our competitive timber bidding process. Our process ensures the best experience and outcome for both buyers and sellers.

How The Process Works

  • FORECON, Inc. develops a bid prospectus describing the timber being sold. The prospectus includes the terms of the sale (bid date, insurance requirements, contract term, etc.), the location of and access to the sale (including a tract map), and the estimated volume of the timber being sold (on a species-specific basis)
  • The prospectus is then distributed to our exclusive bidders. These are qualified bidders whom meet our rigorous standards for bid participation.
  • Bids are opened on a specified date and time and shared with the seller.
  • If the seller accepts the high bid, FORECON, Inc. then develops the timber sale contract and delivers same to buyer for signature and collection of full amount of bid, plus a performance bond as protection for contract adherence.
  • If the seller so chooses, FORECON, Inc. will periodically monitor the ongoing harvesting operation to ensure the contractual specifications are being observed.

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