We have some additional good news to report regarding the future of hardwood markets – the exclusion to tariffs that were originally put in place by China on their imports of US hardwood products were extended once again.  The tariff exclusions were set to expire on September 17th, but several of our industry associations have indicated that the Chinese Ministry of Finance has announced that “tariff exclusions will remain in effect for an additional seven months – until April 16, 2022.”

As per the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association, “the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) reports that the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service Office in Beijing confirmed the extensions. At the time of publication, the official announcement was only available in Chinese, with an English translation still pending. Nonetheless, all indications show that hardwood logs and lumber will continue to enjoy tariff-free status for an additional seven months.”

We will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and report on any updates as they become available.

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