“A career in forestry is not for the faint of heart.” Says Lisa Kopochinski in this year’s Annual Journal of the Association of Consulting Foresters (2024 Edition). “Not only do you have to love the outdoors, you must also be in great mental and physical shape.”

FORECON’s own Director of Corporate Strategy, Thad Taylor, shares insights of a career in Forestry, and leadership, “While the physical demands of working in forestry are high, there are also mental demands in this line of work…simple decisions with hard consequences… And, doing those things right – honoring all the people involved, and making good, durable, long-term decisions – can be demanding.” Staying in shape, both mentally and physically is key to long-term success in the field. “…doing things right when no one else is looking is rarely accompanied by a lot of applause, it’s probably best to have a lot of fuel in the tank (a.k.a. PASSION).”

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