The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning at the Clarion County YMCA for Speyside Bourbon Cooperage’s newest stave mill.

New Bourbon Barrel Stave Mill Groundbreaking Signals Beginning of $14.6MM Investment in Clarion County

Special guests at the ceremony included The Honorable Neil Weaver, Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and Ted Kopas from the Governor’s Action Team of the DCED. Darren Whitmer, CEO and Vice President of Speyside Bourbon Cooperage Inc., represented the company along with Michael Harrold, Raw Materials Procurement Manager; Tony Gibson, Manager of Stave Mill Operations; Jim McCoy, Eastern Region Procurement Supervisor; and Matt Megnin, Log Buyer.

“It’s always great to be back in Clarion. I’m a Clarion University grad, so any time I get to come back to my old stomping grounds, it’s an honor–especially for something like this,” said Mr. Weaver.

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