The news channels do a great job keeping us informed about housing starts.  We thought you might like to see how trends in housing starts compare to actual completions.  In today’s blog, we’ll share a few thoughts.  Please share this post with a friend who might like it.

Although the strong pace of U.S. economic activity is slowing slightly, our region’s hardwood forests provide terrific, durable value through species-diversity.

US Housing Starts August 2022

Single-family residential construction tends to consume more hardwood finished products than multi-family construction.  Single-family starts are down four straight months.  Meanwhile, single-family completions continue at a strong pace, despite supply constraints. Current population trends strongly suggest demand for single-family homes will continue to grow, providing a stable foundation for future economic growth.

Residential remodeling activity tends to generate demand for hardwoods

Residential remodeling activity generates demand for cabinets, flooring, and trim – all of which use hardwood products (although not exclusively). Recent remodeling trends are strong and have retreated only slightly in mid-2022.

Demand expands and contracts for individual species

Demand fluctuates for individual species – over time – due to tastes, preferences, and myriad other factors. Our region’s forests naturally develop and grow in mixed stands across the landscape, providing significant diversification benefits.

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