As we start our 66th year of business, we are reminded of all the blessings we’ve been provided over the years, allowing us to continue serving the terrific landowners in NY, PA, WV and many other states.  We are proud of our terrific staff of professionals, grateful for our bountiful forest resource, thankful for a skilled and dedicated forest industry, and beholden to our fantastic clients who, through their stewardship of the land they own, provide clean air, water, wildlife, wood products and employment to so many.

Each year comes with its own sets of challenges and triumphs; this past year, our hardwood industry had to deal with the challenges presented it by the trade/tariff issues between China and the US.  Though we are still faced with the effects caused by that circumstance, there is perhaps some positive news on the horizon, with a “Phase 1” trade deal set to be signed by the two countries on January 13th.  Also, a leading hardwood business publication called the Hardwood Review recently published a headline stating that “hardwood industry optimism grows heading into 2020.”  After all the negative news and commentary over the past year, these are welcomed sentiments.

Anyway, regardless of how the market does respond this year, know that FORECON stands ready and willing to assist our clients in reaching and maintaining their ownership objectives, and our regional timber industry in maintaining its prominence on the world stage.

Again, best wishes for a very Healthy and Happy New Year from all of us at FORECON, Inc.!

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