To Our FORECON Clients and Friends

The affects of the COVID-19 virus have had impacts on all of us in a variety of ways.

The Value of a Regeneration Harvest

Planning a forest harvest requires considering a range of factors.

Mysterious Disease Is Killing Beech Trees

Beech leaf disease has been spotted in 10 Ohio counties, 8 PA counties, 1 county in New York.

Invasive Species

One insect and tree species paring may be truly devastating to the region —
the Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) and the Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus altissima).

FORECON's Travis Cunningham (Staff Forester)


FORECON employees hosted a field tour for the
Society of American Foresters (SAF) Plateau Chapter in N.E. PA.

Timber Theft

The Benefits of Boundary Line Maintenance
Many times landowners don’t realize what they have lost from theft until it is too late, but there are many things you can do in order
to prevent it from happening.

Selling Your Timber

Are you considering selling some of your trees?
Now is a great time, but talking with a forester first can say you a lot of money
and trouble. A FORECON, Inc forester will work with you to ensure a successful process.

Municipal Forests

Increasingly, a Community’s Most Prized Assets: Urban forests and tree groves provide numerous benefits.
From carbon sequestration to aesthetic appeal, healthy urban forests offer tremendous community value.


Hardwood Export Highlights

The most recent Hardwood Leader (September 2020), a publication put out monthly by the Hardwood Publishing Co., Inc., looked at export markets for both [...]

  • The Forest Landowners Association

The Forest Landowners Association

The voice of forest landowners, The Forest Landowners Association (FLA) is a national advocate for forest landowners and businesses. The FLA members and directors [...]

China on the Rise…..Again???

While we are encouraged by the news that other Southeast Asian markets are developing for our hardwood resource (see article on Vietnam’s role in [...]

  • Figure 1. Hardwood lumber exports to China and Vietnam (Hardwood Review/USITC).

Vietnam……….to the Rescue?

Hardwood forestland owners have had the benefit of a geographically wide and diverse marketplace for hardwood timber for quite some time.  The two main [...]

Forester Friday

Career Opportunities

Seasonal General Forestry Laborer

The Cortland & Falconer, New York Offices, and the Titusville, Pennsylvania Office of FORECON, Inc. are looking for highly-motivated, seasonal General Forestry Laborers. Principle Duties Include: • Herbicide application • Site preparation and tree planting • Other duties pertaining to our current land management accounts, as well as private and industrial clients

General Forestry Laborer

Principle Duties Include: Herbicide application Site preparation and tree planting Other duties pertaining to our current land management accounts, as well as private and industrial [...]

Forest Technician

Falconer, NY, Titusville, PA and Oak Hill, WV – Winter/Spring 2020 The Falconer, New York, Titusville, Pennsylvania and Oak Hill, West Virginia offices of FORECON, Inc. have immediate openings for highly-motivated, full time Forest Technicians. Principle Duties Include: • Boundary maintenance • Timber cruising • Timber marking • Other duties pertaining to our current land management accounts

Recent Hunt Leases

2009, 2018

102 Acres; Elk Township, Warren Co., Pennsylvania

This property offers plenty of opportunities for many different types of hunting. Surrounded by sustainable managed timberlands. This lease presents year around recreation opportunities. [...]

About Us

FORECON, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary forestry and natural resources company started in Jamestown, NY in 1954 by Curtis H. Bauer.  We operate out of 5 offices located throughout New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with our main office located at 1890 East Main Street in Falconer, NY.

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Our Mission

FORECON Inc. is a team of knowledgeable forestry professionals using innovative, cutting-edge technology to help landowners, both small and large, achieve profitable and environmentally responsible natural resource management objectives.

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