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Forest America

The Forest Landowners Association’s 'Forest America' website is a valuable educational resource with the goal of promoting the management, stewardship and sustainability of America’s forests.

Community Outreach

Our continuing community outreach program is designed to help empower community members to take interest in their surroundings,
and see the tremendous value they pass by each and every day.


Timber Theft

The Benefits of Boundary Line Maintenance
Many times landowners don’t realize what they have lost from theft until it is too late, but there are many things you can do in order
to prevent it from happening.


Selling Your Timber

Are you considering selling some of your trees?
Now is a great time, but talking with a forester first can say you a lot of money
and trouble. A FORECON, Inc forester will work with you to ensure a successful process.


Municipal Forests

Increasingly, a Community’s Most Prized Assets: Urban forests and tree groves provide numerous benefits.
From carbon sequestration to aesthetic appeal, healthy urban forests offer tremendous community value.

About Us

FORECON, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary forestry and natural resources company started in Jamestown, NY in 1954 by Curtis H. Bauer.  We operate out of 6 offices located throughout New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with our main office located at 1890 East Main Street in Falconer, NY.

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Our Mission

FORECON Inc. is a team of knowledgeable forestry professionals using innovative, cutting-edge technology to help landowners, both small and large, achieve profitable and environmentally responsible natural resource management objectives.

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  • Total US hardwood exports by Species

An Insight into US Hardwood Log and Lumber Exports

Global equity and commodity markets are currently seeing some significant fluctuations lately. As was mentioned in one of our last blog posts titled “Stock Market Make You Worried? Take a Walk in Your Woods,” it’s become more difficult to predict why these markets move the way they do. Certainly, there are some very visible events that influence investing trends, but the predictability of the market has become much more of an art than science over the years. This week’s news that the Administration is talking about placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports created another mild panic, as stocks again lost ground again after mostly recovering from the “correction” that occurred several weeks back. Fears of a global trade war beginning have some advisors suggesting caution going forward, as Canada, the European Union and other countries (including China) may retaliate and create additional uncertainties that make specific equity sectors very unattractive – at least in the short term.

  • Winter Pine

Timber Tax Filing for the 2017 Tax Year Webinar

The Tax Code overhaul that was passed by Congress in December of 2017 has raised a lot of questions for forest landowners. To help [...]

  • Nature’s Alternative Investment – Part 2

Stock Market Make You Worried? Take a Walk in Your Woods.

As I write this, the stock market has officially entered into “correction territory”, defined as “a 10 percent drop in stocks from their peak. Since [...]

  • Nature’s Alternative Investment – Part 2

Why Investing In Timberland Is Attractive: Nature’s Alternative Investment – Part 2

In our last installment on Timberland Investing, we discussed the unique ability that timber has as a capital asset to increase in quantity (and quality) simply because of biological growth. It’s certainly one of the exceptional “perks” associated with this investment vehicle, and is a variable that can be improved by sound forest management practices.

Career Opportunities

Full Time Staff Forester; All Offices

The Cortland & Falconer, New York Offices, the Smethport and Titusville, Pennsylvania Offices, and the Oak Hill, West Virginia office, of FORECON, Inc. have immediate openings [...]

Full Time Forest Technician; All Offices

FORECON, Inc. has immediate openings for highly-motivated, full time Forest Technicians in our Cortland & Falconer, New York Offices, Smethport and Titusville, Pennsylvania Offices, and Oak Hill, West Virginia office.

Recent Hunt Leases

1303, 2018

97.3 & 49 Acres; Broome County, New York

These properties are perfect for a smaller hunt club that enjoys many different cover types.  The Gehm tract has a nice mix of natural hardwoods [...]

609, 2017

262 & 272.8 Acres; Oswego County, New York

Looking for a nice big piece of property to turn into a perfect hunting getaway? This property has it all: streams, swamps, rolling hills, softwoods and [...]

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