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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Control Injection Services Available!

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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Control Injection Services Available!


FORECON has developed the expertise to apply cutting-edge injection technology to effectively and efficiently control tree damage by the Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, and a host of other tree pests.

The process of Tree Injection has been developed and refined over the last few years – particularly by a company named Arborjet; they have created a variety of Tree Injection systems that are very effective in delivering the needed treatment chemical to the affected tree, concentrating the treatment where it’s needed and limiting environmental exposure.  Injection treatments also use less pesticide compared to the more traditional treatment methods.  Unlike spraying or soil applications, Arborjet’s system injects directly into the tree, limiting any impact to your family, the applicator, and the environment around you.

Tree species that can be treated by this method include Apple, Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Crab Apple, Dogwood, Elm, Fir, Hawthorn, Hemlock, Hickory, Linden, Locust, Magnolia, Maple, Oak, Pear, Pine, Poplar, Spruce, Sycamore, Tulip, Walnut and Willow.

FORECON has a staff of people trained to help you protect your valuable resources.  We have worked for private landowners and municipalities, as well as the US National Park Service in controlling pests that were destroying valuable trees.  We are experienced, thorough, and effective in tree pest and disease control.

Request a free EAB Consultation with one of our arborists today and find out how we can help you protect your trees!




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