As consultants we are extremely interested in representing and educating our clients about legislative happenings that could affect their forestland ownerships.  In February, the Forest Landowners Association held a meeting at the nation’s capital to discuss issues important to forest landowners across the country with its members and with our Congressional representatives.  It was a very successful trip, and as a participating Board Member on the FLA, we’d like to share with you some of our accomplishments during that gathering as described by Melinda Gable, VP of the FLA.

Success at the FLA Winter Board Meeting

Involvement in the Winter Board meeting was an investment in family forest landowners’ sustainability and economic viability today and into the future.

  • In total 40 meetings were held by FLA board members and staff.
  • Findings of the National Woodland Owners Survey (NWOS) technical review and methodology assessment funded by the Forest Landowners Foundation were presented by Responsive Management Services and Chase Consulting.
  • We welcomed new board members from Roseburg Forest Products, Green Diamond and BTG.
  • We launched the Forest Landowner Foundation’s Public Policy Institute with 4 forestry students and a dean attending from University of Florida and Virginia Tech.
  • We met with Members of Congress regarding launching the Foundation Congressional Internship program for forestry students.
  • The membership committee reported that 3.1 million new private forest acres have been added to representation of FLA through new members.
  • The board approved the hiring of a new marketing and communications manager.
  • The board approved the hiring of Schoening and Associates to advocate for the Forest Recovery Act.

What We Discussed

2019 FLA Forest Marketplace Growth Agenda

A series of policy priorities to foster a strong business environment and balanced regulatory climate for the benefit of the families who own and manage forestland.

Casualty Loss of Timber

  • Forest Recovery Act
  • Treatment of trees grown for wood products in natural disaster funding

At-Risk Species

  • Improving at-risk species listings and rule making process

Timber Markets

  • Differentiating between wood markets and timber markets
  • Codes and Standards for mass timber
  • Use of U.S.Wood in federally funded infrastructure projects
  • Ecosystem Markets


Data and Research

  • Seeking systemic shift in how the government defines, collects and reports on family forest land in the United States

Who We Engaged

Members of the U.S. Congress

  • 31 Members of Congress
  • 3 Committees with tax jurisdiction
  • 1 Republican Leadership Office •U.S. Department of Agriculture o •U.S. Forest Service
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Department of Interior o U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Finance Committee and Leadership Meetings
House minority Whip Steve Scalise
Senate Finance Committee Chief Tax Counsel
House Ways and Means Chief Tax Counsel

Department of Interior
Aurelia Skipwith, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish Wildlife and Parks and Nominated Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Jim Hubbard, Under Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment
Dan Jiron, Acting Deputy Under Secretary

U.S. Forest Service
Vicki Christiansen, U.S. Forest Service Chief
Doug Crandall, Forest Service Legislative Affairs Director
Chris Marklund, Chief of Staff

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services
Matt Lohr, Chief

American Wood Council
Andrew Dodson, Vice President Government Affairs

Family Business Tax Coalition
Palmer Schoening, President

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