Urban forests are frequently overlooked by the very people who benefit most from their presence. Trees in our parks, along our streets and throughout our neighborhoods bring tremendous value to the community. And yet, without proper care these assets can not only wither and die, they can become real threats to our safety. Weakened roots, brittle limbs or diseased trunks can turn into costly, and even potentially life-threatening risk factors.

Community managers have access to more information today than ever before, but even in today’s internet-fueled, Google-powered office, managers can suffer from almost too much information. Conflicting reports can be confusing. Studies conducted in regions far different from the manager’s home turf can lead to misguided applications of techniques intended for different species, or habitats.

One of FORECON’s primary missions is to help support the urban and community forestry practices. Our team of dedicated foresters tracks the vital changes throughout our region, and is intimately familiar with the forces affecting the health and well-being of North Eastern forests.

As part of our on-going commitment to our community, we conduct regular outreach and educational seminars and public events designed to help community members, managers and the general public, benefit from our team’s vast knowledge. Topics of these events are wide-ranging and include:

  • The importance of tree planting to ecosystem health
  • Why pruning contributes to the health of a tree
  • How selective harvesting of old growth trees can actually improve a community’s forest
  • How trees act as water filters, keeping our streams, rivers and lakes clean and vital
  • Species diversity as a defense against disease and pest infestations

FORECON is pleased to be able to share our experience with the community. We live here, too!

Recently, FORECON biologist Rick Constantino visited the Chautauqua Institution to give a talk highlighting the importance of trees to the health of the lake and the surrounding community.

Through our continuing community outreach program, our goal is to help empower community members to take interest in their surroundings, and see the tremendous value they pass by each and every day.

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