Rachael Berry is one of FORECON’s Forest Technician II/Crew Leaders and is based out of the Titusville, Pennsylvania office.  Her responsibilities include providing services to private landowners and institutional forestland investors but really thrives in her role as a crew leader managing field logistics on both small and large-scale inventory projects.

Before coming to FORECON, Rachael graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology. She has been with us since 2017, starting as an entry-level forest technician, and as her organizational and logistical planning skills in keeping large crews organized and on-task developed, her crew leader responsibilities within both the Titusville office and the company have expanded.

During various large scale timber inventories across New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, Rachael is tasked with conveying cruise assignments to each forester, ensuring all field data collected daily is accounted for, conducting field audits and quality assurance for clients, and making sure the data is checked on the back end of the project before it is delivered to the client.  Despite these oversight roles, she continues to work alongside the crew and remains one of the most productive crew members we have!

Rachael puts in long hours both locally and on out-of-town trips, often in very difficult terrain and weather conditions. While laying out work for the following day she always volunteers to take the largest or steepest assignments; a true team player. When she isn’t marking and cruising timber, Rachael likes spending time with her family and pets, enjoying hikes in the woods and looking for elusive whitetail deer antler sheds.

We truly appreciate all the positive things that Rachael brings to our clients and our team.  She helps make FORECON’s out-of-town trips more productive and efficient for our clients, field staff, and company in general.

Should you have any questions about timber, timber inventories, forest management or timber valuations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Titusville, PA office at (814) 827-4254. We’d be delighted to help.

Forester Friday

Forester Friday – Spotlight on Rachael Berry

Spotlight on Rachael Berry

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