Forest Inventory Services

InventoryFORECON, Inc. specializes in providing our clients with customized forest inventory solutions to match any project. Forest inventories provide information on the composition, quality, and quantity of timber and other selected aspects of the property.

Each forest inventory project presents its own unique requirements:

  • Short time frames
  • Fixed budgets
  • Unique local market standards
  • Forest certification requirements
  • Detailed product accounting
  • Stratification
  • Target population dynamics
  • Statistical targets
  • Data management

The FORECON team of foresters, land managers, biologists and GIS professionals work together to design inventories that produce accurate, useful tree data. At FORECON we know that there is no one size fits all timber inventory process and we pride ourselves on being adaptive to changing markets and client needs.

FORECON’s forest inventory process includes:

  • Objectives and planning
  • Cruise specification design
  • Determine a proper sampling method
  • Cruise grid design
  • Mapping
  • Data collection
  • Forest stratification
  • Plot Auditing
  • Data processing
  • Analysis and reporting

FORECON, Inc. is very experienced in providing forest management services throughout the Eastern US, with hundreds of thousands of acres inventoried.  FORECON is a leader in the industry with respect to professional forest inventory services.  Our experience, technological abilities, and commitment to quality are simply unequalled in the region.

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