GIS/Database Management

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has profoundly changed the way forest landowners think about land and forest management.  Beyond forestry management, GIS can serve in almost every other environmental capacity, whether it be oil, gas and minerals management, wildlife management, infrastructure design, planning and general property management, etc.  Our forestry GIS capabilities provide landowners with previously unseen insights into the nature of their land, allowing us to visualize their ownership in relation to all its aspects, helping landowners and managers understand the full nature and interdependence of the ecosystem’s characteristics.

Tabular data collected in the field can be transformed into intuitive graphics representing localized points across the ownerships.  These graphics can make it easier for the professional forester or landowner to visually identify a host of situations making it easier for forest management planning, timber harvesting or implementing wildlife management activities.

Forestry GIS provides planning advantages that have elevated the efficiencies of natural resource and forest management tremendously over the last decade. Forestry GIS allows landowners and forest managers to better and more wholly understand the dynamic and complex nature of the land and forest.

The FORECON Inc. Geographic Information Systems Department provides mapping and database management services to aid our clients in various forms of analysis.  Our GIS department is well equipped with the technology and knowledge to help forest owners and a variety of other clients in their decision making processes, helping to improve the knowledge and management of their assets.

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