A recent study (July 29, 2020) done by the United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) shows another promising market outlet for our quality US hardwood resources.  The country of South Africa has had an active role in the production of a variety of timber products for many years now and had established significant plantations with almost half of the area planted with hardwood species.

The recent effects of fire/pest damage, coupled with the slowdown in production and plantings due to COVID-19 are thought to create a need for South Africa to increase its importing of timber internationally, with specific speculation that the US hardwood markets would be a benefactor of this need.

Below is the study mentioned above which provides good detail on the background of and prediction for possible increased demand for our quality hardwoods from South Africa, which would be yet another welcomed marketplace for our industry and landowners.

Permission to Reprint Granted to FORECON Inc

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