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Highlights of the Appalachian Hardwood Timber Markets – First Quarter 2017

It’s been another interesting start to a new year for hardwood demand in the Appalachian Region of the US.  Despite a generally sloppy winter, log supplies were usually adequate throughout […]

Cost Basis – What is It and How Do I Use It?

Cost Basis is a complex issue with numerous ramifications, pitfalls and planning opportunities. *

Generally, one of the primary deductions you can […]

Leading Economic Indicators that Affect Stumpage Prices

There are several leading economic indicators that affect the value of lumber and consequently stumpage values of hardwood timber: Housing starts Consumer Confidence Index Unemployment Rate

ForestSim™ Suite of Services takes to the road

ForestSim™ is designed to help timberland managers make better, more informed forestry decisions, the ForestSim™ Suite of Services provides predictive data analysis, flexibility and detailed reports to help managers achieve investment objectives.

Woodland News March 2017

2016 Hardwood Timber Year in Review

This past year (2016) saw very healthy increases in the demand for quality US hardwoods, particularly in the export markets. Nation-wide export volumes exceeded 2015 volumes by approximately 11%, with Asian demand reported to be better than expected (China alone imported 24% more than they had in 2015.) Though European hardwood demand tailed off slightly in the fourth quarter, exports to the UK, Germany, and Portugal were up in 2016.

How are timber proceeds taxed?

This is a complex issue with numerous ramifications, pitfalls and planning opportunities.  Note, the following is merely an overview and professional tax advice is highly recommended.

Generally, your forestry consultant […]

Expert forestry consulting & civil engineering and land surveying for Titusville Pennsylvania

We are very pleased to officially announce the collaboration between our two professional service firms, now providing landowners in Pennsylvania with expert consulting forestry as well as civil engineering and land surveying services!

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